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20 April 2010 @ 06:09 pm

Final Fantasy XIII = Heaven

Heylo People :)

Okay...My Food Technology GCSE Topic For Our Exam Is On..... (Drum Role Please)


Wtf? Fish? How crap can you get? ¬_¬ School sucks. Don't take Food Tech! Or Geography. And Only Take History If You Really Love It.


Right, I'm All Set With My New Laptop now after my old one died on me.

I have some things that I'd like to finish soon and they are as follows:

Video:   Cloud & Aerith - Reasons To Smile  - - - Song: Daniel Bedingfield Never Gonna Leave Your Side

I'm hoping to start Chapter 06 of Sleeping Beauty - Piper & Paige Fanfiction Story

And I'm hoping to finish the first chapter of a Lightning & Fang Fanfiction Story. Hopefully.

Anyway, If you find my Lightning & Fang Community, I've uploaded some screens of them that i took off my telly.

I'm going now :)


Talk To Me :D

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