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20 April 2010 @ 06:09 pm

Final Fantasy XIII = Heaven

Heylo People :)

Okay...My Food Technology GCSE Topic For Our Exam Is On..... (Drum Role Please)


Wtf? Fish? How crap can you get? ¬_¬ School sucks. Don't take Food Tech! Or Geography. And Only Take History If You Really Love It.


Right, I'm All Set With My New Laptop now after my old one died on me.

I have some things that I'd like to finish soon and they are as follows:

Video:   Cloud & Aerith - Reasons To Smile  - - - Song: Daniel Bedingfield Never Gonna Leave Your Side

I'm hoping to start Chapter 06 of Sleeping Beauty - Piper & Paige Fanfiction Story

And I'm hoping to finish the first chapter of a Lightning & Fang Fanfiction Story. Hopefully.

Anyway, If you find my Lightning & Fang Community, I've uploaded some screens of them that i took off my telly.

I'm going now :)


Talk To Me :D

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Final Fantasy XIII = Heaven.

Hello. :)

Yay. I Got The Remaining Three Eidolons On Disc 3 Of Final Fantasy XIII Last Night!    :D

I'm Feeling Generous So Here's Some Game Tips For Anyone Who's Having Trouble.

WARNING! If Anyone Doesn't Want Spoilers About Fang's Eidolon Don't Read Beyond This!!

Fang's Eidolon = Bahamut:

BATTLE TEAM (Unchangeable) = Fang(obviously :P)/Lightning/Vanille

Okay. At first I struggled a lot. I wasn't healing quick enough before being knocked off the ground again so I died.
Also something which was irritating: even though I cast Libra on him it was still not giving me any clues on how to charge the bar before Doom ran out.
My Paradigms(Spelling fail :'D) were something similar to:

    Fang = Sentinel        Lightning = Medic        Vanille = Ravager
Fang = Saboteur      Lightning = Medic        Vanille = Medic

And then maybe one with Fang as Commando. I can't remember exactly.
Your best bet is to experiment with the Paradigms which suit you. I find it easier to beat a Boss/Eidolon if I have a Logical Paradigm Set and a Battle Plan in my mind rather than just going straight in for the kill(La Roux <3 xD).

The Bar Charges when Fang is  Sentinel & Saboteur Roles. That is a definate fact!

If Someone Wants To Cheat Properly & Read What Bahamut's Libra Is Then You Can Check Below (If Not Ignore The Following Lines):

Yields to those who amass chain bonuses.
Yields to those who defend against and endure attacks. (Sentinel Role For Fang)
Yields to those who weaken and debilitate their enemies. (Saboteur Role For Fang)

Okay Cheats ended now :P

Remember These Things When Facing Someone's Eidolon:

1. The Eidolon Doesn't Have Health - Don't Bother Trying To 'Kill' It.
2. The Eidolon Can't Be Staggered, But It Charges When It's L'Cie Companion Tries To Make Chain Bonuses.
3. The Eidolon's Bar is only effected by what the correct L'Cie Companion is doing. E.G. If For Bahamut Lightning was making the chain bonuses the Bar is not effected. The Eidolon Has Appeared To Show Fang the way in this case, so, Focus on what Fang is doing.
Don't forget to swap your Paradigms throughout the battle! The bar charges on a combination of actions not just one role.
5. Every Eidolon charges when the L'Cie Companion amasses chain bonuses.

If you remember those five points you'll be well on your way.

If anyone's still stuck, you can ask me a question and I can try to help you ^_^ Hope these tips for Fang's Eidolon are helpful! I'll post some Game Tips on Hope & Vanille's Eidolons soon too if they are helpful.

Good Luck Everyone :)

Talk To Me!! :D


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21 March 2010 @ 01:28 pm

Hello People of LJ :D

I'm Gonna Post Up A Background I Made Of Lady GaGa - Hope Everyone Likes It Please Tell Me What You Think. I Know It Could Be Better, But I Still Tried :P

xxxx Jessi

GaGa Clicky Clicky ^^Collapse )
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07 March 2010 @ 02:29 am

Hello Again Everybody.
Well, here's my main couples that I support (I'm not going to bother putting up people nobody's going to know about :P)

Okay here goes.


(Current 1st Favourite) (New) Lightning[Claire/Elcair] Farron & Oerba Yun Fang - Final Fantasy XIII
(Current 2nd Favourite) (New) Roxie Hart & Velma Kelly - Chicago
Buffy Summers & Cordelia Chase - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy Summers & Faith Lehane - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy Summers & Glory - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Jenny Calander & Drusilla - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Carly Shay & Sam Puckett - iCarly
Cheryl Cole & Laura White - X-Factor - Year 2008
(Current 3rd Favourite) Cloud Of Darkness & Terra Branford - Final Fantasy: Dissidia/Final Fantasy VI/Final Fantasy III
Erika & Selene - Underworld
Hatsumomo & Mameha - Memoirs Of A Geisha
Hermione Granger & Fleur Delacour - Harry Potter Series
Lulu & Rikku - Final Fantasy X/X-2
Melinda Gordon & Andrea Moreno - Ghost Whisperer
Misha & Shia - Pita-Ten
Nagisa & Shizuma - Strawberry Panic!
Paine & Leblanc - Final Fantasy X-2
Piper Halliwell & Paige Matthews  - Charmed
Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn - Batman Series
Raven & Starfire - Teen Titans
Rinoa Heartilly & Sorceress Ultimecia - Final Fantasy VIII/Dissidia
Rogue & Mystique - X-Men Series
San & Lady Eboshi - Princess Mononokue
Willow  & Tara - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
(New) Serah Farron & Lightning[Claire/Eclair] Farron - Final Fantasy XIII

Male & Female:

(New) Mama Morton & Billy Flynn - Chicago
(New) Christine & The Phantom - The Phantom Of The Opera
Donna & Harry - Mamma Mia!
Tanya & Pepper - Mamma Mia!
Cloud & Aerith - Final Fantasy VII/Crisis Core/Advent Children
Diana Vickers & Dermot O'Leary - X-Factor - Year 2008
Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley - Harry Potter Series
Harry Potter & Luna Lovegood - Harry Potter Series
Simon Cowell & Sharon Osbourne - X-Factor
Severus Snape & Lily Evans - Harry Potter Series
Squall Leonhart & Selphie Tilmitt - Final Fantasy VIII/Dissidia
Tidus & Yuna - Final Fantasy X/X-2/Dissidia

Male & Male:

Zack Fair & Cloud Strife
- Final Fantasy VII/VII: Crisis Core/VII: Last Order/VII: Advent Children/Dissidia

That's all for now :) If I have any new couples or I remember some more then I'll post them whenever ;)


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07 March 2010 @ 01:21 am
Hey Everyone :)

I'm Jessi. I only just recently joined LiveJournal so I'm still adapting to everything so bare with me! :P
So right now I'm in so in love with Chicago - my favourite Musical. Getting into the Chicago mood to write some fics, so the soundtrack's playing in my ears while I sit on my best mate's carpet with my laptop strewn over my legs ^-^
I'll post an Entry soon with my main Couples who I'll probably post Fanfics for.
I'm glad to be a member of LiveJournal :D So please add me as a friend if you'd like to chat or whatever ;)

xxxxxx And thanks to PaireInLove (Check her out :D) for telling me about LJ and for letting me sit on her carpet right now

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